The Vine of the Soul

              The Awakening

In 1998 I started to drink ayahuasca for the first time and in the year 2000 I started to become an apprentice. I have been trained fourteen years by different shamans from the Shuar tribe in Ecuador and I also learned a lot as a member (ferdada)  from the Santo Daime Church in Brasil, the biggest ayahuasca drinking church in the world.

I underwent very powerfull initiation ceremonies to become a clear channel for Divine healing energies. These ceremonies were not easy and asked a lot of my will power and intention. I did four times Natemamu ceremony in Ecuador while drinking lots of ayahasca day after day and allmost no food and no sleep. (not to mention the musquitoes, my body was covered with mosquitoe bites). 

I did four times a Vision Quest ceemony where I sat for four days on a mountaintop in isolation without food and WATER. These were the most difficult initiation rites I ever did, but they gave me also incredible power. The purpose of these kind of ceremonies is to pray for your life and to receive the power of the Divine Beings. And in this way I became a medium for the Archangel Rafael and the Archangel Michael.

And now I am a healer. But I had a very difficult and traumatic life myself, so I can understand very well the problems from the people that are looking for my help. This is called the principle of the wounded healer. The healer first has to heal himself on all levels before he or she can heal others.

I have dedicated my life to organise ayahuasca-ceremonies and individual healings under the name of The Awakening. If want to particpate you can make a reservation.


                                       Mijn alter ego: Redhorse Woman

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