Ceremonies in the Netherlands

//Ceremonies in the Netherlands

Ceremonies in the Netherlands


All group ceremonies and  private sessions 

with and without the use of ayahuasca 

are in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In the following You Tube film you can view our center and our work:  https://youtu.be/lVdhSXFo5aw


For people that have doubts about attending a ceremony or individual treatment we offer a photo-reading. When you send a photo from yourself we can see your energetic blocks and trauma’s and  usually get some info about past lives that were very painful and prevent you from growing in consciousness. After reading your photo we will decide if you are ready to come into one of our group sessions or better first do an individual healing and liberation session without ayahuasca.

We prefer that you come into our group session since they are very powerful in healing and transformation.  However some people are in such a terrible energetic state that we cannot allow them to join the group without treatment. There are group ceremonies with and without the use of ayahuasca and individual healing sessions are always done without the use of ayahuasca. After reading your photo we will advise you what is the best for to do you in this moment.  

Photo-readings are 50 Euro (incl. 21% VAT), but if you book a group or individual treatment than the photo-reading is for free. 

I am also offering COACHING in CONSCIOUSNESS. These are counseling sessions where I can give you some information that I have and we can look from the viewpoint of Higher Self to you life and your challenges.  This ca be through mail, Skype or in person.
For this I ask 40 Euro and hour( incl .21% Vat) 

 please send a mail to:  divine.juice@yahoo.com

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