The Vine of the Soul


My latest interviews on You Tube are from January 2017 and this is about our healing method of Infinite Healing. It is called:
 Hannah Klautz teaches Infinite Healing part 1 and part 2
This is the link:

About my work with ayahuasca you can find and interview with Johan Oldenkamp from Pateo TV. My interview in English you can find it here: (copy the link in your browser)

My interview with Johan Oldenkamp in Dutch you can find it here:

There are also 3 interviews with me about my work with ayahuasca published on You Tube in January 2015 which give a in-depth view of my work. The interview is called: Ayahuasca; reaching the Divine

This  an Ayahuasca interview with trauma-healer Hannah filmed in the Gambia by Johan Johansen from in Dec 2014.

part 1- About Trauma-healing (with Hannah) 
part 2. About healing satanic ritual abuse (with Hannah)
part 3.  Our illusionary world (with Hannah)
part 4   My own exerperience (with Johan Johansen)

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