The Vine of the Soul


I have my own channel on You Tube called Hannah Klautz
 You can view there Hannah Klautz teaches Infinite Healing part 1, 2,3 and more short views of our healing work

This is the link:

About my work with ayahuasca you can find and interview with Johan Oldenkamp from Pateo TV. My interview in English you can find it here: (copy the link in your browser)

My interview with Johan Oldenkamp in Dutch you can find it here:

There are also 3 interviews with me about my work with ayahuasca published on You Tube in January 2015 which give a in-depth view of my work. The interview is called: Ayahuasca; reaching the Divine

This  an Ayahuasca interview with trauma-healer Hannah filmed in the Gambia by Johan Johansen from in Dec 2014.

part 1- About Trauma-healing (with Hannah) 
part 2. About healing satanic ritual abuse (with Hannah)
part 3.  Our illusionary world (with Hannah)
part 4   My own exerperience (with Johan Johansen)

Please copy the link in your browser and go to the interviews.