The Vine of the Soul

                             ONENESS AWAKENING

Oneness  or Unity with the Source can only be understood if you've experienced it yourself. Nevertheless, I will attempt to describe the process. It is possible by using ayahuasca and other meditation techniques to come into a permanent state of Unity. This I have experienced myself and I will describe here this process.

What is Oneness and why is it necessary?
Human consciousness is living in separation from its origin: the Source of Oneness and Unity. This process is called the fall from Paradise and that it has been literally: a fall from the Unity of Light, Love,Wisdom and Truth. At this moment all human beings are captured in Duality Consciousness and experiences the endless battles between Light and Dark, Good and Bad,Love and Hate,War and Peace etc. 

According to my information, we voluntarily started this process for the purpose of gaining experiences in a state of being separated. The goal was to return to Oneness, but unfortunately that has never happened until now. Yes, for a group of individuals, but at least not for the masses.

Instead, we are caught in the cycle of reincarnation. Life after life after life draws past us without us have returned into Unity. Nowadays most people feel unfulfilled, because every person in the very depths of his being desires to return into Unity. However, they do not look inside, but look for fulfillment in the outside world. Many people seek satisfaction in earning a lot of money and hard work, smoking, drinking, drug use, sex or food. A minority of people are looking for Oneness in spirituality and consciousness expansion.

Because humanity lives in separation she has also become vulnerable to evil and darkness. I do not dwell on it here, but it is a huge problem. What I want to make very clear: without returning to the Divine Unity, there will never be an end to human suffering. We left voluntarily Oneness and we have to willingly return to our Divine Origin Source.

To transcend the separation of human consciousness
Recently, I got myself into a state of total Unity (Oneness). I became One with the Source through the use of my plant medicine ayahuasca. I then experienced what it means to transcend the separation from human consciousness. And I saw that that is a process which is rather complicated. That's why I tell it here to describe how the process works.

The first thing that happened after I drank ayahuasca was that there was huge bright white light that began to shine through me. It started in my left brain but later it encompassed my whole being. The colors and patterns that ayahuasca gives normally and that I know very well, changed completely in the most beautiful colors that I had never seen before.

An inner voice or inner knowing told me that I was now completely One with the Source.. And that everything that was still dark in me was fully merged with the Light. It was an amazing experience, there are no words to describe this.

To my surprise I then saw closet doors who went open and from there all kind of people showed them to me and went into the Light. These were all my past lives so I was told. All my previous incarnations could come into the Light now. I am the end of all those incarnations and I have achieved the Return to the Light, to Paradise. That also means that I never have to incarnate again and I am liberated from the reincarnation cycle.

I kept seeing amazing  beautiful colors and in the meantime the Source Energy was working on my DNA. I was told that the reptilian DNA which we all have within us had to be transformed. The transformation continued and work was done to my brain. The brain is made up of two hemispheres that are separated from each other. There's a division between them which is not supposed to be there. My brain was made One in the form of a operation., I can’t explain it otherwise. I saw medical instruments that were working on my brain to put the two hemispheres together. I started to understand that as long as the brain is divided (separated) Oneness is not possible. For me it was a huge revelation, I fell from one surprise to another.

When that was done I saw the Matrix laying over the world as unharmonious and ugly pattern. The Matrix is the wavelength of low frequencies that imprisons human consciousness. This Matrix is created by the world of evil and darkness and is also maintained by them. I saw that every man is handcuffed and fixed with his arms into the Matrix. I felt a hard tug on my arms and then I saw that my arms were free and that I was liberated from the Matrix. That was then also said to me: I am liberated from the matrix, but I long as I live I still will have to operate within the Matrix. As long as I am in the body, there is no other way. Even though we are completely liberated, we still have to function within the matrix. Making money, pay rent and taxes, obey the rules of the matrix. But in the meantime we can try to help many other people to liberate themselves too. Because what is possible for me, it is also possible for you.

What these experiences and the Oneness Realization are worth in the daily life has to be seen. As long as life continues, there are countless situations in which this experience must proof itself. If the Realization is stable and appears to be complete, it can be called  Unity-Consciousness.  But the Self has many aspects and levels. The Realization of the Highest Self does not mean that all levels are at once Non-Dual. The Oneness opening is final, but it does not always direct at all emotional and mental levels fully.

Self- Realization thus has different possibilities.These differences are not only in the character, which will stay more or less the same as long as they live. These differences are found mainly in the degree to which all levels are purged, that is to say, in the degree to which the non-duality is a reality in all fields, in all aspects. If that is completely and definitively so, it can be called Oneness Consciousness

About my own situation I can say that when I am in the ayahuasca I am permanently and completely in Oneness. And from that state people I can help people to heal and liberate themselves. In daily life I swing back and forth between periods of Enlightenment and then I fall back again into the normal Self with all the identifications that comes with it. On the whole, I am a lot calmer, more stable and happier with far fewer attachments than before.