The Vine of the Soul

I N F I N I T E   H E A L I N G

            Tired, depressed, anxious, angry or stressed?

Infinite Healing is a self help method by which all your negative emotions, allergies and illnesses can be deprogrammed from your energy system.
We learn this method to everybody who comes to the group or individual sessions.

Many people underestimate the ways in which their brain is programmed by negative thought-patterns and negative emotions.Recently a well-known psychiatrist, the head of a Clinic for Psychiatric Diseases  in Amsterdam, has confirmed to me the value of the self-help method of Infinite Healing which I developed in July 2015 and which I always offer as part of my ayahuasca-ceremonies and during individual healing sessions.   

When I explained  the method of Infinite Healing to him he said two very important things:
1) it is already known for quite some time  in psychiatric science that the brain can  be reprogrammed or deprogrammed.
2) many good doctors (those with integrity) understand the need for self healing methods in which patients can learn how to help and heal themselves.  These doctors understand  very well that just prescribing medication or putting people in certain therapies (mostly talking) is not sufficient to heal.  Patients need to make an effort to heal and help themselves and doing this by reprogramming the brain can be very effective.

Examples of items that can be deprogrammed:

Fear, grief, stress, money worries, depression, fatigue, uncertainty, negativity, rage / anger, aggression, addiction, unable to let go, lack of vitality, emotional pain, unhappiness, disappointment, trauma, lack of self-esteem, addictions, gluten allergy, milk allergy, hay fever and drug use.

In principle you can deprogram every emotion which is a burden on your energy system. The method itself is very simple to learn and takes no more than a few minutes per topic. If you are serious about it and practice regularly at home, within 2 or 3 weeks you can have discharged everything negative what you carry with you. Often you are not aware of this burden, but  you will feel the difference after you have deprogrammed it. You will feel a huge relief and liberation. There is literally a load of you. Then you will feel much lighter, happier, more energetic and lively, because there is nothing more pressing on you.

You can also deprogram diseases. That does not mean that this will cure your disease immediately. But if your energy system  and thus your immune system is free of burdens there is a higher chance of cure or improvement of symptoms. You will become much stronger to fight the disease.

The same applies for example for deprogramming worries about lack of money. That does not mean you will immediately receive more money. It does mean that you have less to worry about and that you open up to new abilities to find a solution to get more money.

Deprogramming ensures that you no longer get stuck in the same vicious circle so that you can create more freedom to focus on more positive energy in your life.

Hereyou find my latest article about Infinite Healing which I wrote on 
03-03-2017 and I also explain the whole method  on a You Tube film: 

Hannah Klautz teaches Infinite Healing part 1 and 2

How to exit the false reality 

We are living in a programmed reality. Everything that we experience from birth to death and even after death is a program. In the following article I will give you some proof for this statement. But more important I can teach you simple methods to deprogram or better say reprogram your reality. It requires a little bit of training but it is possible to rewrite your programs of fear, anger, frustration, suffering and depression with programs as Infinite Love, Healing, Liberation, Happiness, Harmony, Peace, Abundance, Clarity. The only way to escape the false reality where we live in, is by changing the programming.

Since the year 2000 I have been trained as a healer and a shaman. Many different teachers, mainly shamans and psychics from South America, have been part of my training. After years of training and very powerful initiations I am able now to see all kinds of energies in the energy-system and to heal or better say take out the energies that are not beneficient. I do that in a traditional shamanic way by sucking out and spitting out the bad energies. This is a very ancient shamanic technique called shamanic phlegm. It looks a bit weird and maybe old fashioned, but it is the only way to liberate people from demons, parasites and other entities that are attached to the energy-system. In this way I have liberated hundreds of people from all forms of demonic possession. Many people that have been a victim of black magic and satanic ritual abuse have been treated by me ( or my co-workers) with success. I have many testimonies published about their liberation on my websites.

In the last years I have perfectioned this healing methods to the max and I have gained deep knowledge and understanding about the reality we live in. I have come to the conclusion that everything that David Icke writes in his books is the truth. That we are living in a programmed reality that is designed for us by dark E.T.’s like the Annunaki, the Reptilians, the Syrians and the Grays. For more details I refer to his last book the Phantom Self (1) What also inspired me a lot and made things very clear to me is the Wingmakers Material as described by Dr. James Neruda. If you are totally new in this field I strongly recommend to watch the You Tube interviews: Dr.Neruda interview 5, part 1 till 20. (2)

The bottom line of all these stories is that the human body and the human brain are computers that are designed to enslave Infinite Beings in a programmed reality. Nothing that we experience is real, it does not exist. It is a total illusion, but an illusion that is so real that we are not able to see it, feel it, hear it or sense it. It is virtual reality to keep us imprisoned and enslaved forever.   And also the afterlife is part of this false reality program. Just about everything that has been taught to you is a lie, including your true galactic lineage, religion and following the light upon death. According to Robert Morning Sky, a Native American from Hopi and Apache lineage, the light at the end of the tunnel leads to a soul regeneration center where your soul becomes trapped in the reincarnation cycle on this planet, in order to continue serving the Dark E.T’s that are in control of this planet. (3)  This is also explained in more depth in Dr. Neruda’s interviews.

God, angels, saviours and ascended masters does not exist. They are part of the illusion created by Anu, the Annunaki chief who declared himself to be our god. Annunaki members and Reptilians pretend to be angels and saviours.  All the channeled messages are from False Light and it is even dangerous to listen to it. By only listening to False Light channelings negative entities can attach themselves to your energy-system and possess you. 

The Old  Testament describes the history of the Annunaki on Earth and it is Anu who said he is our one and only god. So the Christians, Jews and Muslims are worshipping a malevolent Annunaki king who’s only rule is to divide and conquer and to keep the human beings enslaved under his control. Likewise the concepts of heaven and hell are also not real.
The only thing that is real is that we are Infinite Beings that are captured in a human body and are being recycled again and again, life after life. Yes, it is scary, it is spooky and it is designed with a cruelty that is beyond all imagination. Although the God that we know is a concept of False Light, as Infinite Beings we are an aspect of Source. On a higher level we are all connected and we are a fractal of Source. 

To remember who we are we have to reprogram our computer-systems. Everything you experience is programmed into your computer. And this programming takes place on many levels, but a very important part of the programming takes place into the pineal gland. Here I need to explain a couple of things in depth. In the last years we have seen that in the energy-system of every human being there exist some portals that we call the Reptilian Eye. These are actually camera’s through which the Serpent Race can observe and program us. In most of the people we find the Reptilian eyes on the right side of the brain and some people also have them on the left side of the brain. The more programmed and possessed a person is, the more of the Reptilian eyes we find in the energy-system. Some people only have one or two, others up to ten or more. We have literally seen that through this Reptilian eyes (camera’s) , a Reptilian is connected to you and programs you. He is sitting behind a screen (your human brain)  and programs everything that you experience. Seen we are able perceive very deeply into the energy-fields we have seen it happening.  

The pineal gland is the major implant through which we are programmed. It has the shape of a pine-cone and on every leave of the pine-cone exist a tiny crystal. As you all know crystals are very easy to program and that is why they are used so much in our modern  computer technologies. Same with our pineal gland. Every negative emotion or thought pattern is programmed through the pineal gland. But it even goes further, even every disease is a program. How do I know this? Because I could cure people from reuma, depression, anxiety-disorder and even cancer by taking out this program from the pineal gland. How does it work?

We offer a method that is called Infinite Healing and that everybody can learn to deprogram themselves. That is the most important step. That you learn how to deprogram yourself. The method it self is very easy to learn and it takes you not more than 3 minutes per issue to reprogram yourself. But you have to do it intensively and thoroughly and this is the point where we have seen that many people fall from the boat. We have taught this method to hundreds of people, but only a few of them have profited a lot from it. The problem is that they do not really believe in it, they do not believe that it can be so simple and  and than do not find the power in themselves to continue with it. And of course and this is very important: the powers that program you do not want you to do this. So they make you believe that it does not work. But the people that have done this thoroughly have overcome much of their programming.

So step number 1 is that you learn how to deprogram yourself. But me and my co-healers can also take out some major programs from your pineal gland, by taking this energy in and spitting it out.  And this is the way how we can cure people from some major problems or diseases.. I am aware that by describing it in words it all sounds a bit strange or unreal, but this is something that you need to experience and than it all becomes clear. What we can do and how we do it. I demonstrate this in a You Tube interview which you can find here:








And everyone can learn it young or old, rich and poor, stupid and smart, sick and healthy.