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Protocol for removal of energies that exhaust you  

(latest news 04-07-2017)

Recently, we have discovered that now it is possible for humans to remove energetic snakes and other negative energetic attachments from the energy system. It sounds quite absurd what I'm going to tell, but we've experienced it again and again. And therefore I want to share it now.

We have seen time and  time again in all the treatments that we give to our clients that energetic snakes play an important role in causing all kinds of complaints and diseases. Whether you have a headache, neck pain, back pain, rheumatism, cancer, herpes infections, knee complaints, ear whistles or tinnitus. In all diseases or pain complaints, there are energetic snakes involved that cause the complaints and at the same time also energetically empty you.

 During our treatments, we can remove all these snakes and  this will reduce most of the painful symptoms and complaints.. This also depends on the severity of the complaints. A major problem with these energetic snakes is that they also produce eggs, which cause new snakes to be found again and again. That is why for most of our clients  is not enough to get  rid of their problems. Because it's impossible to remove all the eggs. In that regard, they are just like  intestinal parasites which are so very difficult to overcome. We see the snake energy attachments on human bodies as a serious health problem. And since we are only 2 healers who can remove this and there are many people that have to wait weeks or months before we can treat them, we have been asking for faster solutions to liberate humanity.

 During our treatments we have seen that these energetic snakes are not living snakes, they do not have a life-force.  These are artificial snakes, artificial systems made of an unknown (probably alien) material. A bit like plastic, but thinner and fluid. We have recently experienced that this material is not resistant to the usual detergent household bleach. If we regularly wash someone who has a lot of energetic snakes than we wash him/her in water to which a blur of bleach is added.  These energetic parasites simply dissolve and disappear very quickly.

 To relieve our work, we advise you to do all this yourself. You will not get everything out of your system,  but quite a lot. According to our information, 30% of energetic occupations originate from  a living energy such as large demons and reptiles etc. But 70% of energetic occupations are artificial and can be removed by washing your water every day with a blur of bleach . Wash your whole body, especially more intensively at the places you are have a lot of pain and trouble.  Also wash your face, also your ears, especially  if you have a lot of trouble there. In the beginning you can also wash  your hair, but you can not do that too often. Bleach is not so good for the hair. But is necessary though, because  most people also have big snakes on the head. After this you  rinse well under the shower with plain water. Swimming and chlorine pools are also highly recommended.

I understand it's an insane story. But the reality where we are part of is INSANE. But do it and then you will experience that you feel lighter, less drained and that you have less pain in certain areas of the body.  You do this every day until you notice that it is better and a lot of stuff has  gone.  Than you can continue to do it 2 or  times a week. It's so simple. And it's such a great solution, because everyone is so heavily possessed by those artificial snakes.

 You have to keep in mind that it takes some time to recover after the energetic snakes have disappeared. The physical body is affected by the energy draining and you need to recover. In some cases it can 2 till 6 weeks till the body and energy system are recovered and only than you will start to feel the difference. But many people will feel the difference already much earlier.

 Not only are people sitting possessed by artificial snakes,  material objects can have it as well.. Like your shower head. Clean this very regularly in a bucket of bleach. Clean your entire kitchen and shower well with water and bleach. And especially your phone. We have seen that people who make a lot of calls,  the phone is completely covered with snakes and these snakes are also communicated to each other through telephone contact. It's that I've experienced it all myself, otherwise I would not believe it either.

 I have regularly been on the phone with  a client for a long time and then my ears and my neck were completely covered with energetic artificial  snakes. At first, Barbara had to take them all  away, but now I wash away with water and a bit of bleach. And then it's also gone. So people who make a lot of calls have to clean their phone with water and bleach every day. And also your hands on a regular basis, because everything in this dimension is energetically polluted.

 To clean internally in the physical body we recommend MMS (Master Mineral Solution) invented by Jim Humble. Available at www.mmsnederland and also in your country  it will be widely available. This is a powerful substance that also contains a form of chlorine and is used to treat serious diseases like malaria, Lyme disease, types of cancer, even ebola seems to be treatable with it. Because it contains a form of chloride, it can also work very well to remove energetic snakes parasites and other artificial systems from the internal physical system as well.

 And what about health issues because of the bleach? I do not know, but what I do know is that even babies and small children are allowed to swim in chlorine water. So there can not a big health issue involved in washing yourself with a bit of bleach. For safety  we advise you not lay hours in a  bath with chlorine water.

We do not earn money by sharing this information. I do not have any contacts with bleach companies. I'm writing this because we want to help as many people as possible. However, we provide photo-readings to scan your entire energy system for life-based and artificial occupations. Price: 50 Euro And of course we also offer treatments and liberations.  All about this on our website.

 It is a very simple and easy procedure, but when any questions arise I will answer them.Please note, it is not a substitute for treatments like Karmic Body Removal or Removal from huge life force based possessions. But it can make life a lot more bearable for many people!

 Good luck and much love from Hannah

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