The Vine of the Soul


For a couple of months,  I am finishing with the Duality Game that is played here in the 3 D Earth Life System through a strong connection with my Higher Self. Read all about this on  my article The Game of Duality and Separation on this website.

Me and my colleague healer Barbara, are standing at the Exit of the Game, but are currently experiencing very heavy attacks from big Gray aliens. As Simon Parke  says about them:  "They are a pain in the ass throughout the whole Universe." Take a look at google and see for yourself how they look like. They are tall,  (3 meters) gray in complexion and with huge black eyes. They are artificial, they are programs originally created by the Reptilians. But the Greys have gone out of control and are not obedient anymore to their Creators. They follow now their own course in an attempt to control the Earth Life System

In the last part of The Matrix (films) trilogy, Neo has  to defeat Mr. Smith to liberate humankind. In the film ( and it is the same in our 3 D reality) Mr. Smith is a kind of unbeatable computer program that makes it terribly difficult for the Liberated Ones to succeed their mission. And that's exactly the situation with the Greys nowadays. Matrix 3 ends with Neo who eventually blows Mr. Smith from within and that is for the time being the liberation of the world. The end of the  film starts with A Brand New Day.

 I can only say that liberation from  the 3 D Earth Life System starts with the full connection with your Higher Self. Only that allows you to End the Game. I'm quite sure that I'm currently experiencing my Final Incarnation in a physical body in 3-D.  Just before the End Bell rings, I'm getting the Greys full on my roof.  Literally! Ufo’s are hanging above my house, they really walk the door here, I would  say. The Greys are not individuals, but they  have a group mind. Even if you see only one, there are actually a whole group. They are just like mice, but then with super computer intelligence. I found recently 6 Greys in my bathroom, 3 in the living room and 4 in the kitchen.

We, Barbara and I, can remove them, but they are bothering me and trying to keep me from my mission. They also try to bring me out of balance and drag me back into the Game. I thought I had spiraled out of the Game, but then you get the last hurdle to pick. To deal with an out of control program called Mr. Smith or Greys. We have already won so many pitfalls and delusions and outright attacks on our physical and mental health, but this seems to be  another important part before you can finish  the Game.

When Barbara was a couple of weeks ago to her family in Portugal, the Greys tried to poison me. Very sneaky, of course, just at the moment that Barbara was not in the country to  help me out, they came after me.  Even  without Barbara’s assistance,  it did not work out well for the. Yes, I've been severely ill for 10 days with symptoms of heavy food poisoning, but nobody understood how and what it was. I only had eaten some bread with humus and I fell soon after terribly ill. When Barbara returned we  discovered  that the Greys were behind this all. The same as they did with Max Spiers, the British super soldier and very important informant about alien activities. Max Spiers was found dead  in July 2016  several days before he should speak at an UFO  conference in Poland.  Well, we can assume that Max Spiers had a lot of interesting things to say and some truth  would be revealed by him.  Just look at a couple of his latest You tube interviews to be informed. Anyway, he was poisoned and did not make it to the conference. A few days before it happened he called his mother to tell her that he was under very serious attack.

Why me?

The information I share on my website, especially the method of Karmic Body Removal. We have seen that it are the Greys who designed the entire reincarnation cycle for  Annunaki / Orion Reptilians. So yes, we destroy their creation and that is a reason for them for war.
Val Valerian is a former CIA agent (real name John Grace) who began writing about the  false light and the reincarnation trap net in the 1990s,  before even  the Matrix films were published.  He says: "It are the  Greys who wait in the White Light when a person dies. The human soul is recycled into another body after the death of the body and the process begins again from the beginning. The Light and the Tunnel are a trap. The Greys scan somebody they want to recycle when they approach death, they see who this man was. They project the image of man in the white light and  who  prjevt holograms from deceased family members and friends. If you follow them in the Tunnel of Light, you are in their trap. You are guided to a new incarnation of their choice. These entities see the earth as a large farm. "- Val Valerian, Matrix II & Matrix V.

So the Greys are not happy with the method of the Removal of the Karmic Body that we are promoting. And although this healing method  is still being applied on a very small scale, only by us as far as we know, they are afraid of further dissemination of these ideas. And that it will inspire more people in the future in the same way that we have been inspired by David Icke, Val Valerian, Simon Parkes and Max Spiers.

What they are really furious about  is our advice to wash yourself with chlorine- water. See the chapter: Self Help on my website. How insane it sounds,  most of their creations are artificial and can simply be washed away. Since we have discovered that, we have not suffered anymore more from energetic artificial snakes that drains us and we also see it by our clients that they disappear. Previously, we pulled those snakes out of the energy system and that takes a lot of effort. We found out that you can just wash it away.

And although maybe some of my readers think that we have gone mad with that story, the Greys take it very seriously and are threatening me as never before. Since I published that article on my Dutch and English website, the Greys have stared war-fare against me. They threatening me in my own house and tell  me that I have to take this article from my website. And that than they will leave me alone. Well, I don’t believe that. They first want me to take it from the website and than still come after me. That is why I write now what has happened in the last few weeks. If I  suddenly pass away, then at least everybody knows now what the reason behind it is. Angry and scared Greys. I have ensured that my websites must continue to exist on the Internet for at least 5 years after my death so that anyone who wishes to stay informed of this knowledge still can be informed ,long time after I am gone.

It is the only thing that I can do. EXPOSURE IS OUR WEAPON.

Meanwhile, Bar and I are looking for the final delete button for the program (or virus) Greys. I hope we can find that and let you know. As for myself, I'll get along with it.
 I'm getting a bit tired of all that resistance and  I am longing for the End of the Game. We always say to our clients after the KBR Treatment: "Only after death you will be  truly liberated. As Val Valerian formulates it precisely: The Higher Self does not reach FULL potential until the Final Incarnation has died. Thus releasing the Higher Self and permanently freeing you from the physical. Than the journey through 3-D density is really over.  

Back to the attacks of the Greys

A: I'm not afraid of them, I see them as parasites that you have to beat off you. A final obstacle on the way to the End of the Game. However, it is important to know how to get rid of them forever. How and where to press the delete button.

B. I'm not afraid at all to change physical 3 D for a higher dimension and to be United with the Higher Self.

C. And as long as we have been given some time to help our fellow human beings to liberate themselves and to share some information of a higher frequency, I am grateful for that.

We are free from duality, we are free from slavery, we create our own reality.

All is One, much love, Hannah

Last Info 19-08-2017
Last week Barbara was able to help me to get permanently rid of the Greys. We had a couple of days of peace, and then came revenge. A.K./Marduk stepped in the Game, and battles now with Barbara.See the story on my website about A.K. the Anunnaki/Reptilian King. To be continued.