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Is there a right or wrong way to use 


The answer is more complex. Just read on!

For people who are in a good health (physical, emotional and mental) there is no problem to drink the medicine of ayahuasca. It is 100 % safe. If your health is not good you always have to inform us before the ceremony. 

Ayahuasca has contra-indications with some medical drugs, especially with anti-depressants like prozac, seroxat, effexor and all this type of SSRI – drugs, but also with methadone (a replacement for heroine), When you take this type of medication you are not allowed to participate in an ayahuasca-ceremony. It can result in a shcok, come or sudden death. When you take this type of medication I advise you not to take any hallucinogenic plant or drugs (xtc, lsd), because all of these substances work on the same hormonal level (serotonine) where the medication is doing it's work as well. You will easily get an overdose, called a serotonine-syndrome. When you are on this type of medication you have to quit at least one month before taking ayahuasca. You also have to take care with natural substances as St.Johns Worth, melatonine and 5-http. With anti-histamines and asthma –medication there are also some contra-indications, but with these medicines it is sufficient to quit 48 hours before the ceremony. Always inform us which type of medication you use.

People that are suffering from psychosis or schizophrenia are not allowed to participate in an ayahuasca-ceremony. These types of strong hallucinogenics are not advisable for people that have already problems to discern reality from visions and the dream-world. 

It is only safe to participate in an ayahuasca-ceremony which is guided by a full trained shaman or guide. There are so many self-made shamans at the moment as well in Europe as in South America. I have been in some of their ceremonies and not one of them is spiritually safe and a lot of these people only do it as easy way to make money.  Please read more in the chapter: the importance of a good and experienced shaman.

The medicine of ayahuasca is designed to bring healing and light into our body and spirit. Therefore it releases all types of negativity out of our system by vomiting, shitting, crying. Ayahuasca is mentioned for a full release of trauma and pain.( see also the chapter Individual Ayahuasca Healing on this website). A lot of westerners participating in the ceremonies are full of pain, sadness or anger and so on. 
70 % of them carry in their auras so called demonic entities. Of course most people are not aware that they carry these types of entities, because these beings live on the astral plane whereby they feed themselves on the negative energy from the human being they posess. Demonic entities are usually connected to a certain trauma that somebody has experienced in his or her life, mostly in childhood. They can also enter after alcohol- or drug-abuse: cocaine, heroine,speed,  lsd, xtc and even marihuana. 

Ayahuasca tries to free a person from these demonic parasites, so in a room with 25 persons there are always these type of energies floating around in the space. It is the task of a shaman to control and dominate these forces, so that they can not harm the participants, He has to do that intentionally during the whole night of the ceremony. 

Otherwise these entities stay in the room and they try to click into somebody else. In normal daily life this is not possible, but in the ceremonies , where everybody is completely open because of the use of the ayahuasca and than this type of energies click in much more easily. So when a shaman don't has sufficient experience to handle these demonic entities, t
han there is a big risk that you go home the next morning with the demonic entity from a participant who was with you in the ceremony. And after a couple of months you will get ill or you get depressed or you get rages of anger or you suddenly show other symptoms of possesion. The big problem is that you usually will not experience it immediately after the ceremony. At the moment you start to feel the effects from this attack, you are already days sometimes months or even years out of that ceremony. It is very dangerous.

Many years ago, when I was not well trained as I am now, me and also three other people I know, started to get heavy nightmares after being in a ceremony from such a self made shaman, a western guy. We were all heavily affected by the demonic energies that were floating in the space and the self made shaman had absolutely no control over it. I had nightmares for more than 4 weeks and I had to do a lot of inner work in Santo Daime Church to get rid of this. And the self-made shaman who was guiding the ceremony is really famous, he is doing ceremonies everywhere in Europe, people adore him and they all think he is doing a very enlightened work. But what he actually does is making your life far more worse than it ever was before. And I have many other stories about this subject which you can read in the chapter: the importance of a good and experienced shaman. 

But I really want to make a point here, because in the 16 years that I am organising and guiding ceremonies I have seen this so many times happening. Mostly in ceremonies of these self-made shamans, although ceremonies of native shamans from the rainforest are also not always safe. Just making music in a ceremony is not enough to fight with these demonic energies. They are not leaving the space out of free will; they try to catch somebody else.

After many big lessons I only want to drink with shamans who have 100% control over the demonic realms. And there are only very few shamans who have that and they have been trained intensively for many years to achieve that. It is not something you get very easily, as you might understand. 
And as I said even ayahuasca-ceremonies from native shamans from the rainforest are not always safe. I know exactly who see my chapter Bad and Black Shamans.  When you experience a problem after a ceremony, please e-mail me for more information and help. If I can not help you myself, I know at least where you can find help to get rid of this.

Always when you want to drink with a shaman ask him, do you have 100 % control over the demonic realms. And most of these self-made shamans not even know what you mean when you ask this. They all talk about love and light and it will be all fine, and it is just not true. And in ceremonies where a lot of people freak out, I can tell you there is no control over the demonic realms at all. So, if you want to do it safe, do it with a full trained shaman or with a guide like myself. I have been trained 17 years for this work and I have liberated hundreds of people from these energies.

 You can read more about it in the chapter Spirit Attachments and in the chapter About me where I explain how I have been trained and which Spiritual Guidance I have to guide a ceremony.  Only if you participate in a ceremony which is completely safe, you will get the full benefits of the healing powers from these very special plants.

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