The Vine of the Soul

Examples from Healing

In the last years we have treated people with severe emotional problems and traumas.  We have treated succesfully people hat suffer from anxiety-disorder, chronic depression, sexual abuse and many other trauma's.

 One condition that many people suffer nowadays  is called burn-out.  
There are many conditions that causes a burn out, and that is for every individual a different problem. But the main reason is that there is too much negativity, pain, suffering and sadness stored in the sub consciousness and that the nerve-system can not take it any longer, resulting in total burn out. With a couple of ayahuasca sessions this negative energy can be released so that the body and nerve-system has the possibility to heal. I have seen very good results from this and people have recovered quickly, finding new ways to express their energy in the world. 

Other conditions that I have treated: people suffering from borderline personality disorder, people suffering from anxiety disorder, people suffering from depression or from physical,mental and sexual abuse  and people suffering from pathalogical conditions as for example: obsessive jalousie and aggressive and violent behaviour.
I can explain a lot how this all has worked in every individual case, but that is not for here on the website and their stories will be told in the book that I am writing.  

But I have seen in my individual and group sessions a tremendous release of darkness, pain and fear. There have been people in my sessions suffering from horrible traumas. To name just a few: past life memories from being murdered in a Nazi concentration camp, somebody that had experienced satanic ritual abuse in East-Europe, two woman that have been forced into prostitution by sex mafia( so called lover boys)  and a man from Israel with a post-war trauma. 

I am talking here about incredible darkness and suffering which some individuals carry in their lives and what we all carry collectively as human beings. Because all this trauma is not only from a few persons, but these are traumas from the whole planet which are stored in the human sub consciousness. Even if you do not have experienced these traumas yourself, we read about it, we hear about it, energetically we are influenced by all these vibrations of pain and fear that others on this planet are experiencing. Because we are all One, this is also our pain, our darkness and our suffering.

And now comes the good news. As I have said earlier 21st of December of 2012 was the beginning of a new time. And specially the years between 2012 and 2017 are filled with Divine Grace, so that all this darkness can be released and removed from the planet as well individually as collectively. And when every individual  is releasing his/her darkness, pain, fear, anger and suffering, he or she  is also doing that for the collective. Now and in the coming years there is a Divine Intervention happening which has been planned already many, many years ago. And millions of Lightworkers are shining their Light right now to assist humanity in this process which is also called the Human Plan of Liberation. 

Healing and Liberation with ayahuasca is one way to heal yourself and to return to the Light, but the best method we can offer at the moment you can read in the chapter: Karmic Body Removal