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DNA activation and the Multi-dimensional Self

We are not here to save the world. We are here to save ourselves, but in doing so, we save the world.” ~Joseph Campbell

There is currently a spiritual transformation that takes place on both a planetary and a personal level. At this time many Awakened people are dealing with a DNA upgrade. What actually happens is that we move spiritually and physically from two strands of DNA to 12 strands of DNA.  The 10 latent DNA strands will be activated in different ways and in different moments of time. What is DNA activation exactly? What are the symptoms of DNA activation and what is the effect of the DNA upgrade?

What is DNA Activation exactly?
DNA is the genetic material that forms the basis of all living organisms. Almost every cell in our body is made up of the same DNA. Science says that 97% of our DNA is useless and that is called the  junk DNA. The remaining 3% of our DNA that is functioning is the basis of all genetic codes in our body. From Divine Sources and from our Higher Selves we know that most of our genetic material has been dormant and that it carries the potential for further human evolution on a spiritual and soul level. But then it first needs to be activated.

At present we are in a transition period where the dormant DNA can be activated very carefully in a number of people. This is to ensure that these people can fulfill their mission to be able to bring humanity a step further. In practice, this means a transition from 2 to 12 strands of DNA (or 6 pairs), where before only one pair of DNA was active. But for this moment only two  additional strands of DNA can become activated (and maybe after that, slowly, slowly, another pair). But as long as the frequencies and vibrations of the Matrix prison remain as low as they are now, we cannot live on this planet with a fully activated 12 strands of DNA.

DNA activation: Symptoms of DNA activation
Quite a lot of Awakened  people have to deal in this time with the transition from two to 4 (or more) strands of DNA. This can be spiritual, physical and emotional rollercoaster for those who are involved in this project.  What are the symptoms of DNA activation? What are the physical, emotional and spiritual signs of a DNA upgrade? What do you do when you have symptoms associated with DNA activation?

When all your DNA is completely Awakened from its sleep state then human beings becomes fully aware and fully spirituals beings. Nothing is impossible anymore: communication through telepathy, time travel, teleportation (moving without physical transport), no money or food needed anymore, complete and open communication with beings on other planets and the rest of the universe. We can then grow into the full Multi-dimensional Beings that we originally are and  the various parts of our Higher Self can exist in different dimensions. So for example: you can have a Self that is on planet Earth, a Self that is in the fifth dimension of the Pleiades and a Self that is in the eighth dimension of the planet Sirius. That’s all hard to imagine right now, but I have experienced this myself  on several occasions.

We  are Multi-dimensional Beings who were in contact with other Multi-dimensional Beings throughout the whole universe, but that is taken from us after the Annunaki / Reptilians have made an attack on our planet Earth, thousands of years ago. They have then turned off our DNA for the most part, which is now being referred to as junk DNA. Only 3% of our original  DNA remained intact and that was just enough to remain in survival mode. But nothing more. Our memory is thereby erased, our Multidimensional Self is shut off, our life span is shortened and we are placed in a closed cycle of reincarnation from which it was not possible to escape.

One thing  we can say to  the Anunnaki: It is all done very intelligent and very efficiently. During this attack for which they needed  only a couple of hours, we became totally isolated from the rest of the Universe which is full of life and consciousness in all its dimensions. They even went so far to make us believe that we are the only planet that was inhabited with human life. No, it is just the other way. We are the only planet completely shut off  from the rest of the Universe. And our system  is kept closed by:

1) The creation of the Matrix, the prison of low-frequency energy waves in which we still exist. .

2)) The elimination of our DNA so that we lost all contact with benevolent Multi-dimensional Beings of the Universe

The bottom line is that we are placed in a completely closed system where nobody could get in any longer  and where no one could get out anymore( because of the closed reincarnation cycle). And most of us, even thousands of years later, still fancy they are free. I find it all very cleverly done.

And then now is the time that in some people their DNA can be gently activated. Connection with Higher Self  and Removing the Karmic Body thereby plays a crucial role, because without that huge load on the energy system it is much easier to activate the DNA. At least that is the information I got.

What are the symptoms of DNA activation?
When you’re dealing with DNA activation you can generally experience some or all of the following symptoms over a period of several months to years:

Physical symptoms

* Feelings of fatigue and exhaustion
* Less sleep and often sooner awake in the early morning or waking up during the night (especially between 2 and 5 o’clock) . On those moments there can be enormous changes in the DNA. It helps  (when you are awake in these periods)  if you listen to meditative relaxed music or read something that contains high frequency information.For example: Bringers of the Dawn from Barbara Marciniak or one of her other books.  These book contains a lot of very good information for DNA Activation process.
* Lots and deep sleep at other times
* Dizziness and headaches may occur regularly.
* High sounds or treble in the ears
* Palpitations
* Muscle Contractions and cramps
* Faster growth of hair and nails
* Starting to look younger than 5 or 10 years ago

There is often a kind of identity crisis going on.  It is possible that you just does not recognize yourself, because you have transformed so much of the old self which in fact was not real. An illusion that must be let go of.   You have to get used to the new state of being. In some people, a kind of total reset takes place. As if the hard drive is erased and it will open up to a completely new self. A new birth and sometimes a feeling of disorientation associated with that.

A change in eating habits can occur: such as no meat and fish any longer and you become much more conscious about what you eat. You can also become sensitive to artificial additives or coffee. Or you will eat much less than before, you have little appetite. This is because in the higher levels of light frequencies,  it is no longer necessary to feed the body with food.

Emotional symptoms

*Intense experiences of change and stress about that in your body and mind
*Emotional ups and downs, depression, a lot of crying
*The feeling that you end up on the bottom of society and sabotaging yourself in your normal activities (hell on earth)
*Changes in the relationship with your partner (a stronger or weaker bond )
*Processing rapidly traumas from childhood and the past
*The feeling that you have something urgent to do, but you do not know exactly what that is

Spiritual symptoms and signs

*Strange feelings in the areas of your base chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra and throat chakra
*Increased sensitivity to your surroundings (noise, crowds, television, masses of people)
*You feel less inclined to put yourself in activities or groups of people with a lower level of vibration
*Changes in friends, hobbies, work and residence
*The feeling that you are ready to go home or to take a total new path in life
*Vivid, intense and sometimes violent dreams
*Clairvoyant, bright feelings, smelling or clairaudient perceptions
*Higher sensitivity for colors and flavors and other chemical additives in food
*It is much easier to process information than before. Spiritual developments are moving fast.

What can you do about the signs and symptoms of DNA activation?

Do not fight it, even when you feel bad. Try to go with the flow. Take adequate rest and try to give in to sleep when your body tells you to. Do something-detoxing (with tea, bowel-treatments or other supplements) so you support the cleaning process. Take a warm bath or a hot shower, if you have pain in your muscles or limbs. Try not to be too anxious for changes in your life in terms of family, friends, work or other previously safe havens. What comes in its place will be much better.

We all experience a variety of symptoms, but one symptom that we all feel is that the low and negative vibration of the Matrix tries to lower our frequency and even tries to stop our process.  Currently we have the most benefit from doing daily the method of Commands of Higher Self to program ourselves every day to be in your True Power,  to feel Happy, to be Free and to be Healthy. Thus, many of the above mentioned symptoms can resolves quickly and you will  start to feel really good and energetic.

 In addition, the ceremonies with ayahuasca) are  a tremendous  help as well.. These medicine-plants show us how we can grow into our Multidimensional Self.