Retreats in the Gambia 2019

//Retreats in the Gambia 2019

Retreats in the Gambia 2019

Since most of our visitors that have been with us in the Gambia want to return in the next season we are offering  ayahuasca retreats again in the Gambia in January and February 2019. The first retreat will be during Christmas holiday, so parents with children can also join. Book in time. Info on request. 

Our ayahuasca ceremonies are held at a private location Brufut in the West African country of Gambia. My husband Lamin is from Gambia and I myself have lived there for several months a year. We know the country and its inhabitants and the situation very well.

We offer 2 ayahuasca ceremonies in one week. We have seen that that is enough for most people to integrate their experiences in a balanced way. We highly recommend that you also take our treatments like Karmic Body Removal and Connection with Higher Self. . 

You can decide how many days you want to come to Gambia and how many ayahuasca ceremonies you want to participate in. We advise at least 2. During this period we will also be available for private consultations and private treatments and we will provide workshops at the beach where we can deal with a number of topics that I have written in recent months, such as finishing contracts.

The intention behind this retreats is that you do not get a fully-fledged package from us, but you can decide for yourself how your trip to Gambia is going to be and what you want to see and experience. Gambia is a very small, truly African country, with a very cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Everything is easily accessible with small taxis which only cost a few euros. There is a lot to do and to see and it’s advisable when you make  a combination of  nature (sun, sea and beaches, nature parks with monkeys), culture (African markets, African singing and dance) and a deeper inner journey with our ayahuasca ceremonies and workshops.

 You book a flight including hotel or guesthouse yourself. Currently you can find cheap holidays for the months of January and February 2019. We recommend to book a hotel or guesthouse located in the towns of Bijilo or Kololi or Brufut. Then you are not too far from us. We are located  in the area of Brufut, but transport by taxi is very cheap and we also provide transportation for most parts of our program.

 Our program is not yet fully fixed, but there will be a maximum of 2 ayahuasca ceremonies per week, which you can register for. We take max. 6-8 participants in one ceremony. The ceremonies are held in a private garden, under the shade of mango trees. On days when there are no ceremonies, there is room for private consultations and private treatments. We will also provide informative gatherings (workshops) at the beach so that we can inform you about the latest developments within our work of liberation from the Matrix system while enjoying a real African meal and some fish on the grill. And we will also do some exercises together like Infinite Healing, Take Your Power Back and Deleting Contracts.

This way you can also decide how long you want to stay. That can range from 7-10-12-15 days or even longer. There are currently plenty of options to book cheap flights and hotels during this period. Do not wait too long for that. The later you book, the more expensive travel and stay are going to be.  We will ensure that there are sufficient ayahuasca ceremonies during that period and that there is enough time to deepen your knowledge about us and our work. In addition, we can help you to get acquainted with this country (the smiling coast of Africa) and its inhabitants, and we can also take you for excursions, boat trips and sightseeing. We have some transport buses at our disposal.

Gambia is a small country and the airport is 30 minutes away by car from most tourist centers. During our stay in Gambia you can  reach us the whole day by phone and email.

So far the plans for our  ayahuasca retreats in Gambia this winter. If there is much interest, we can put an additional period of ayahuasca ceremonies also in the month of March.

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